James Duff James Duff

Today, TNT announced that Emmy winner Kyra Sedgwick has decided to end her run as The Closer's Brenda Leigh Johnson after the show's upcoming 2011 season, its seventh.

Creator James Duff recently told TV Guide Magazine that he'd plotted the course for the show's final two seasons "to take Brenda through to the end of her story at the LAPD." It's unclear if Duff will combine these ideas into one season, but the themes he planned to explore were "love — one of the strongest forces on earth — and loss. Love would break down into what Brenda's relationship with [husband] Fritz is really all about; what her relationship with [assistant chief Will] Pope is all about; how she feels about her job; what she's done with her life."

Which leads to grief, as Duff foresaw Brenda asking bigger questions. "As we get older, you hear doors slamming and have fewer opportunities. I'd like to see Brenda with narrowed choices." Sadly for fans, that's happening sooner rather than later.

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