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It Sounds Like Jake Johnson Will Basically Play an Edgier Nick Miller in ABC's Stumptown

He's a bartending on-again, off-again love interest for Cobie Smulders' character

Rachel Paige

If it feels like there's a giant Jake Johnson-shaped hole in your heart following the ending of New Girl, that void will soon be filled. According to TV Line, Johnson is set to return to television opposite Cobie Smulders in ABC's Stumptown. He'll play her best friend/bartender/on-again, off-again love interest. So basically he's Nick Miller once again, but a little more gritty?

Johnson's Grey McConnell is said to have a long history with Smulders's Dex, a "a strong, assertive and sharp-witted Army veteran." Grey is described as "Dex's best friend, though the two have unresolved feelings that run deeper. He owns and operates a popular bar in town, all the while hiding a questionable past that comes back to bite him." The character was played by Mark Webber (SMILF) in the pilot.

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It'll be interesting to see Johnson and Smulders together, since the two both come from successful comedic sitcoms (with Smulders spending nine seasons playing Robin on How I Met Your Mother), but Stumptown is set to include 100 perfect more hardened criminals, as Dex plays by her own rules opposite the police. While we already know Stumptown involves a bar, it is doubtful the two will spend a lot of time there planning any sort of hijinks.


Jake Johnson, New Girl

Michael Becker/Fox