It didn't take long after the not-guilty verdict was read for rumors to start swirling about the King of Pop's next venture: a reality show. Could it be true?

CBS, NBC and ABC have all confirmed that a six-part reality series — about how the

Jacksons rallied around Michael during his 14-week child-molestation trial — is being shopped around. "They called and said it was a reality show and that the whole family was participating," an NBC insider told TV Guide. "It would be from their point of view and they would have [complete] control."

But the family's attorney, Debra Opri, denies a reality show is even in the works. "It's just another rumor," Opri says. "I went straight to the horse's mouth, several of the horses, and was told it had been talked about quite a while ago, then the [idea] surfaced again at the time of the verdict. Nobody would be interested in doing it — except the pony." (Yes, she just called Michael Jackson a pony.)

A rep at Endeavor, the talent agency behind the Osbournes' multimillion-dollar TV deal, says otherwise. He claims that the agency has been working with the Jacksons to fine-tune their ideas for a show. "There's been discussion of a concept: Michael would be involved, it would be a family project, and it would not be about the trial," he says.

Whatever the show is, the networks aren't interested. And veteran PR executive Gary Rosen thinks that's a good thing for the pop legend. "What he needs to do is reinvent himself," says Rosen. "After a long and involved court case, why would the family think a [reality show] is a good idea? He is potentially damaged goods. This is not the way to reinvent Michael Jackson."

Maybe Extreme Makeover would be a better idea.