Jackson Galaxy Jackson Galaxy

Clean up your acts, bad kitties. For two seasons of My Cat From Hell, Jackson "Cat Daddy" Galaxy has been teaching feline-owning Californians how to embrace "cat mojo" and help their troubled pets. Season 3 premieres Saturday (8/7c, Animal Planet) and he starts off by taming New York — after he answers our questions.

TV Guide Magazine: Can you explain "cat mojo"?
Jackson: It's how cats see the world. Cats' needs are very specific: to hunt, kill, to eat, to stalk, to walk into a room and own that territory. When we see the world through cat mojo, all the junk we project on them is gone.

TV Guide Magazine: What junk?
Jackson: Like "the cat hates me," "the cat resents me," "my cat's giving me the stink eye," "my cat hates the way I cook."

TV Guide Magazine: Do you ever just want to strangle the owners?
Jackson: Of course! This season there's an episode with a very old cat, and the cat doesn't have the problem; it's the humans' problem. But they want to give up. How do you not want to say, "I'm going to kill you — it's impossible to give up on a cat that's nearly 20 years old"?

TV Guide Magazine: What do you have to say to people who assume cat lovers are weirdos?
Jackson: Actually, most cat people look like me. They're covered in tattoos, pierced and look like they're about to go to Goth Night somewhere. I'm a crazy cat lady.

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