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Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Season 3: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Latest News, and More

The Season 3 trailer shows the CIA in pursuit of Jack Ryan

Tim Surette

Can you believe that it's been more than three years — three years! — since Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Season 2 was released? But Season 3 is finally upon us, and we're hours away from seeing John Krasinski once again suit up as the namesake Jack Ryan. Amazon Prime Video is expecting big things from this season, and it should. Prime Video has established itself as the foremost streaming destination for military thrillers based on bestselling book series in the years since we last got new episodes, so it's a good bet that this will be the most successful season of Jack Ryan yet.

Ever since Season 2 came out in October 2019, we've been waiting word on Season 3, but details were few and far between. But lately, Amazon Prime Video has sent out a flurry of news on Jack Ryan Season 3, including a release date, a new trailer, and more news. Here's what we know about Jack Ryan Season 3.

John Krasinski, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

John Krasinski, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

Jonny Cournoyer/Prime Video

Jack Ryan Season 3 latest news

Amazon Prime Video released the first trailer for Jack Ryan Season 3 on Oct. 27, 2022. The new trailer shows our hero on the run from the CIA (!!!) as he desperately tries to stop Russian baddies from starting World War III. You can watch the trailer in the Jack Ryan Season 3 Trailer section below.

Jack Ryan Season 3 release date

After debuting on Aug. 31, 2018 on Prime Video and returning for a second season on Oct. 31, 2019, Jack Ryan was like a ghost. Amazon went radio silent for years about when we'd see Season 3 even though we knew it was coming; Season 3 was announced very early in February 2019. But after that, nothing! Years later, a confidential dossier dropped on my desk in September 2022, and it finally revealed Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Season 3's premiere date: Dec. 21, 2022. That's over three years between seasons. Better late than never. All eight episodes will drop on that day.

Jack Ryan Season 3 trailer

On Oct. 27, 2022, Prime Video released the first trailer for Season 3. It shows Jack on the run after going rogue from the CIA, with his former workmates on his tail as they try to bring him in. 

What will Jack Ryan Season 3 be about?

Amazon's official description for the upcoming chapter paints a very different season of Jack Ryan. "In the third season of the action-thriller series, Jack Ryan is working as a CIA case officer in Rome, when he is tipped off that the Sokol Project, a secret plan to restore the Soviet Empire, is being resurrected more than 50 years after it was thought to have been shut down. Jack embarks on a mission to confirm the intelligence, but things quickly go awry, and he is wrongly implicated in a larger conspiracy. Accused of treason, with a Red Notice out for his arrest, Jack is forced to run from his own government, if he has any hope of uncovering the rogue faction before it's too late. Crisscrossing Europe as he is hunted by former allies and new enemies alike, Jack races against the clock to stop the cascade of destabilizing conflicts from leading to global catastrophe."

Who will be in Jack Ryan Season 3?

It's hard to say exactly who will be back for Season 3, as the plot has Jack on the run and doesn't make it easy to bring back all of the cast from previous seasons. We do know that Wendell Pierce's James Greer and Michael Kelly's Mike November will play big roles, though. And while Abbie Cornish, who plays Jack's romantic interest Cathy Mueller, has been confirmed to return to the series in Season 4, there is no word that she will be in Season 3.      

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Season 3 main cast

Jack Ryan Season 3 episodes

The third season of the Tom Clancy series will consist of eight episodes, all of which will be released on Dec. 21, 2022. 

  • Episode 1: "Falcon"
  • Episode 2: "Old Haunts"
  • Episode 3: "Running With Wolves"
  • Episode 4: "Our Death's Keeper"
  • Episode 5: "Druz'ya i Vragi"
  • Episode 6: "Ghosts"
  • Episode 7: "Moscow Rules"
  • Episode 8: "Star on the Wall"
John Krasinski and Michael Kelly, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

John Krasinski and Michael Kelly, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

Jonny Cournoyer/Prime Video

Jack Ryan Season 4 renewal and spin-off news

In keeping with the series' trend of advanced intel, Amazon Prime Video renewed the series for a fourth season in October 2021. Amazon also confirmed that the fourth season would be the series' last. But the franchise may continue on; a spin-off of Jack Ryan is in development focusing on the character Ding Chavez, who will be played by Michael Peña and introduced in Season 3 before becoming a regular in Season 4.   

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Where can I watch Jack Ryan?

Jack Ryan is an Amazon Prime Video exclusive, so the only way to watch it is to have an Amazon Prime Video subscription. Seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming.