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Everything There Is to Know About iZombie Season 2

Liv will find love again, while things only get worse for Major

Sadie Gennis

When iZombie's second season picks up, everyone is still reeling from the consequences of the disastrous showdown at the Meat Cute. Did Liv's brother survive? Will Ravi figure out how to remake the cure? What does a human Blaine even look like? And can Lowell please come back from the undead?

To learn the answers to all these and more burning questions, TVGuide.com spoke with creator Rob Thomas. Find out everything he revealed about Season 2 below:

1. There will be major fallout from Liv's decision to not help her brother: You won't have to wait long to find out whether or not Evan survived the Meat Cute explosion. But while the answer will be revealed in the first scene of the season, Liv (Rose McIver) will continue to struggle with the repercussions of her actions for quite some time.

2. Blaine may be human, but he hasn't reformed: The Meat Cute has been destroyed, but the ever-resourceful Blaine (David Anders) has found a new way to keep his brains business alive, even though he no longer needs brains to survive.

"Now he's playing his own game of trying not to let any of the people he needs to fear him know that he's no longer a zombie," Thomas says. "So he will be put in a strange situation of having to pass for zombie."

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3. The cure isn't all it's cracked up to be: Blaine and Major (Robert Buckley) both find themselves dealing with some surprising side effects from the cure, which might not even turn out to be permanent. This puts even more pressure on Ravi (Rahul Kohli) to get his hands on another batch of tainted Utopium so that he can continue testing the formula.

And since brains aren't the only thing Blaine is selling, his connections come in handy when Liv approaches him about finding the elusive strain of drug.

4. Major's life somehow gets even worse: If you thought Major hit rock bottom in Season 1, you best prepare yourself for what's still to come.

Unable to find another job in social work, Major is forced to take work as a personal trainer. But that gig will seem like a dream job after Major finds himself being blackmailed into doing some very unsavory work.

And while Major has forgiven Ravi for his role in the deception, he's still not exactly on speaking terms with Liv.

"He's still reeling from finding out Liv is a zombie, that she kept this information to herself, that she let him check himself into a mental institution, so they are not in a good place with each other," Thomas says.

5. Liv's new roommate is a far cry from Peyton: Peyton (Aly Michalka) may be absent for the beginning of this season, and when she eventually returns things will be hugely different between her and Liv. "They certainly have some things to work out," Thomas teases.

In the meantime, Liv has found herself a new roommate. And if Liv was hesitant about being honest with Peyton, she should be triple hesitant to open up to her new roomie, who isn't quite what she seems.

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6. Blaine and Liv will have to unite against Max Rager: The energy drink company is under severe pressure to erase all traces that they created the zombie virus, so Vaughn (Steven Weber) sets in motion a brutal plan to eliminate all of the living dead, inspiring quite the interesting alliance.

"Blaine and Liv will figure out somewhere reasonably early in Season 2 that someone is eliminating zombies and that will make very strange bedfellows out of the two of them," Thomas says.

7. Clive still has it out for Major: "[Clive's] great white whale of Season 2 is trying to find out what really happened at the Meat Cute," Thomas reveals. While the Seattle P.D. has settled on a very simple explanation for the massacre, Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) becomes convinced that Major and Blaine were responsible for the deaths. This will put Liv in the terrible position of being stuck between her partner, Clive, and ex-fiance, Major.

8. Liv will find love again: "She's going to have a couple romance story lines, including some pretty big ones this season," Thomas reveals. And after fans flipped over the untimely death of Lowell, Thomas hints it's likely Liv's next big boyfriend will stick around a while.

"I had no idea that the response to Lowell was going to be that strong," he says. "I read plenty of tweets from people who are never going to forgive us for that. So live and learn."

9. More people will find out about zombies: While a few more characters will figure out zombies exist, they won't become anything close to public knowledge this season. In fact, Thomas says they plan on keeping the number of zombies seen on the show relatively small, due in part to budgetary restraints and so as not to compete with that other zombie show, The Walking Dead.

"I feel like we do alright in our little corner. Like, zombie apocalypse, that's what you guys do really well. We'll do our adorable zombie show over here," Thomas says. "But if I had unlimited resources, I might be tempted to give it a try."

10. Expect to see more Veronica Mars alums: Ryan Hansen, Percy Daggs III and Daran Norris have already made appearances on iZombie, and the second season premiere will feature Adam Rose, who played Mac's boyfriend Max on Veronica Mars. But Thomas isn't stopping his Veronica Mars recruitment there.

"I was going to figure out a way to get Jason Dohring in the show and then they hired him on The Originals. So suddenly I'm a little less sure I'm going to be able to get him in the show this year," he says. "But yeah, you can definitely expect to see some Veronica Mars people."

iZombie returns Tuesday at 9/8c on The CW.

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