When Liv (Rose McIver) is chowing down on her nightly ramen, you can almost trick yourself into thinking those little pink chunks are something as innocuous as shrimp, not cut-up pieces of a corpse's cerebellum. But we know the truth. And after visiting iZombie's Vancouver set, we also know that fake brains probably aren't too much tastier than the real thing.

Why you should give iZombie a shot

"I think the first time she eats brains, I was on set," Rahul Kohli tells TVGuide.com "She had a spit bucket and it just didn't look pleasant at all. Like, do a scene and then [spits]."

"It's not my favorite part of the job," McIver admits. However, the props department has been working on new recipes to make the brains easier for the actress to swallow.

"I heard it's made of Jell-O," Malcom Goodwin says. "I've got a mean sweet tooth. So I think I'm gonna try some Jell-O-flavored brains."

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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