When the screener DVD arrived Friday morning from Warner Bros. I was both excited and terrified. I was excited that I wouldn't have to wait until May 9 to watch the Gilmore Girls season finale. But I was terrified because this in many ways could end up being the show's series finale. Sure, Gilmore Girls will be back next season, but without Team Palladino at the helm, who really knows what version of Gilmore Girls we'll be getting?

So after staring at the DVD all weekend, I finally popped it in two hours ago, and now I'm here to tell the tale: Overall, it was a good Gilmore Girls episode. Had AS-P gone a little lighter on Taylor and the troubadours - and excised that unfortunate final scene you may have heard something about - it probably would have been a great episode.

Still, there was much to love. Here are some highlights (spoilerphobes, read at your own risk):

  • Lorelai does something she's never done before - and in the front seat of a car. And when it was over, I saw her in a whole new light.

  • Lorelai finally utters the L word to Luke. And not just once, but twice.

  • As anticipated, Lorelai's backbone grew back just in time for her to confront Luke about April, Anna and the wedding. It was as if she logged onto TVGuide.com, studied all of your angry comments over the past six months and condensed them into one three-minute monologue.

  • Kelly Bishop has at least five classic lines, two of which are directed at her maid.

  • As I hinted in last week's AA, Logan and Rory's final scene is a tearjerker.

  • Mary Lynn Rajskub can't carry a tune to save her life, and trust me when I tell you that's a good thing.

    I'll spill more in Wednesday's Ask Ausiello.