Upon arriving on Temptation Island, trouble magnet Jeff scarcely had time to unpack his swim trunks before he decided what he wanted to tempt — fate. Yep, one look at Kara's boyfriend, Vin Diesel wannabe Jason, and the mischievous sometime model was a goner! He just had to pretend he was going to give Jason a trinket indicating his interest in Kara.

"When we were walking by, Jason was pretty much growling at everyone," he tells TV Guide Online. "My first impression was that he was a tool, so I had to mess with him. It was nothing toward Kara at all. I didn't want to hurt her feelings — I never even met the girl!"

However, after logging some quality time with his archenemy's significant other, the 24-year-old realized that he enjoyed rubbing her back as much as he did getting under Jason's skin. "We had a little bit of chemistry," he teases, adding that he didn't turn on the charm just to piss off Jason. "Actually, everything played out the way it would if I was just meeting Kara. I wasn't trying to play any games just because Jason and I had [an altercation]."

As Fox's late-summer skank-o-rama continues to pick up steam (starting tonight a 9 ET), expect the buff drama king to add fuel to the fire. "I might be the focus of a little bit more tension," he hints, chuckling. Not even the threat of a sound thrashing by Jason can curb the playboy's enthusiasm. "Nah, I kickbox; I can take care of myself." Yet if he had it all to do over, he might alter his attitude, at least a smidgen. "Maybe then I wouldn't have looked like such an ass."