Joaquin Phoenix, Isabella Rossellini Joaquin Phoenix, Isabella Rossellini

Many Joaquin Phoenix-watchers think the actor is just having fun with his befuddled persona and burgeoning hip-hop career, but his Two Lovers co-star, Isabella Rossellini, thinks he may be genuinely tortured.

"I haven't seen him since we've done the film which was about a year ago — I'm at a great loss like the rest of the world," she told Wednesday. "Some artists have to go through a very tortuous process to create a character or to write a story, and maybe Joaquin belongs to that group.

"I just played a small part in Two Lovers, but my impression was of somebody who was tortured," she added. "It's quite common among artists that either writing or directing or acting — it's an urge, they have to do it, but it's not a pleasant process."

During his Late Show with David Letterman meltdown, Phoenix answered "yes" when asked if it was fun to work with Rossellini, but was silent when Letterman asked if he had any "fun stories" about the experience. Rossellini said she has not seen the interview.

The actress talked to to promote her Sundance channel short film series, Green Porno 2, debuting April 1. Keep an eye out for our full-length interview with Rossellini about writing, directing, and starring in the captivating films about the sex lives of various low-level organisms.

What do you think? Is Phoenix tortured or putting us on?