Little is known about the Arrow-The Flash spin-off - not even its name - but the biggest mystery plaguing fans is exactly who Caity Lotz will be playing.

Lotz was the original Canary until Malcom Merlin (via Thea Queen) killed her in Arrow's Season 3 premiere. Now, new paparazzi reports and photographs suggest Lotz might be taking on a Canary role once again.

The truth behind the big Arrow exit

Lotz was recently spotted filming with Arrow's Stephen Amell, The Flash's Grant Gustin and her spin-off co-stars Brandon Routh, Wentworth Miller, Victor Garber and Arthur Darvill. The twist: Lotz was allegedly dressed all in white. And though her role remains unconfirmed, these reports seemingly validate the popular fan theory that Lotz will be playing the White Canary.

The White Canary was a minor, and originally Asian, villain of the Birds of Prey from 2010-2011. Resurrecting Sara only to have her become a villain - and one destined to be pit against her sister Laurel, the new Black Canary - seems like the best option in order to bring Lotz back into the Arrow-Flash fold after her shocking death earlier this year.

As to how Sara could be brought back to life, all signs point to the Lazarus Pit - particularly since it could help explain Sara's transformation into a villain or anti-hero. According to DC mythology, the Lazarus Pit possesses the power to resurrect the dead, but its restorative waters can often lead to madness. So whether it's Oliver or Nyssa who eventually places Sara's corpse into the Pit, we doubt it will be the happy reunion they were hoping for.

What do you think of Lotz potentially becoming the White Canary?

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