Jorja Fox by Michael Caulfield/ Jorja Fox by Michael Caulfield/

Although CSI hasn't even pronounced Sara dead yet, it sounds suspiciously like the powers-that-be are already planning to breathe new life into the show by introducing a replacement for Jorja Fox's hot cop.

Executive producer Carol Mendolsohn has told me exclusively that a new female character will turn up in this season's third episode. "[She] may be a CSI or lab tech," the boss said. And, according to my casting spies, the junior detective will be in her mid-twenties, fresh out of college and lacking the capacity for self-censorship.

Of course, this isn't conclusive proof that Sara won't emerge unscathed from her, um, car wreck. But it certainly seems plausible, even likely, considering what else we've learned this week. In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, CSI exec producer Jonathan Littman said the "Sara-Grissom story line is going to conclude." And you don't get much more definitive closure than death, now do ya?

In any case, at least this much is certain: Fox will appear in the premiere. Says Mendolsohn: "We're certainly going to be seeing her under the car in the premiere." Whether that will require her to act or just to lie very, very still remains to be seen.