Question: Will Invasion be back this fall? I love that show

Answer: Under normal circumstances, I'd say something really mean to you for asking such a ludicrous question. But since I have some Invasion poop to impart, I'm going to restrain myself and just be thankful someone asked an Invasion question at all this week. Now, while I was talking to Tyler Labine about Boston Legal, the Chatty Cathy shared with me a personal conversation he had with series creator Shaun Cassidy about what would have happened during Season 2 of Invasion. True, I wasn't exactly the most religious Invasion viewer, but I know big scoop when I hear it: "Shaun told me Larkin was going to [be presumed dead]. I was going to get all militant and shave my head, and Russell and I were going to join forces against Tom. Tom was going to find out that his first wife was actually alive, and she was running this whole military operation, and she was Szura's boss." That's big scoop, right?