Rick Gomez, <EM>What About Brian</EM> Rick Gomez, What About Brian

When J.J. Abrams' What About Brian wrapped up its first season in May, relationships were beginning to get shaky and Brian (Barry Watson) was still without one. Life gets even rockier for the single 34-year-old and his group of coupled-up friends when Season 2 premieres tonight at 10 pm/ET on ABC. TVGuide.com got the scoop on the drama ahead from Rick Gomez who plays Dave, Brian's business partner whose wife suggested they try an open marriage. Gee, looks like Brian's not the only one still figuring out love.

TVGuide.com: In terms of Dave and Deena's (Amanda Detmer) relationship, what do you think of the whole open-marriage story line?
Gomez: It's really fun to play things that are bigger than life instead of the mundane stuff. When [Dave and Deena] realize that it has an effect [on their marriage], they wind up in therapy and things shake out a certain way.

TVGuide.com: Are Dave and Deena headed for divorce?
Gomez: I don't know exactly. As of right now, they're separated. Juggling family responsibilities and separating two lives like that is an interesting thing to go through when playing a character.

TVGuide.com: Deena has this relationship with T.K. Is that going to go on for a while?
Gomez: I think so, but I like being surprised. [Laughs] I don't know what [the writers] have in mind for all of that. From script to script, sometimes we go, "Oh boy, here we go!" So as of right now, T.K. seems to be a threat. I don't know what their grand scheme is, but I'm sure they'll continually shake things up.

TVGuide.com: Will there be someone else in the picture for Dave?
Gomez: I think that there will be someone possibly, although it seems as though Dave's still pining for his wife at this point. Big Dave can't seem to get out of his own way and realize that it might be time to move on.

TVGuide.com: Well, even if he's still stuck, do you think he'll change this season?
Gomez: He's already changing. This season has been an interesting change for all the characters. They're making new decisions and going in different ways, and Dave definitely has realized what it all means. I think he's finally woken up from being the same dude he was the last 10 years.

TVGuide.com: In the beginning it seemed like all the couples wanted Brian to have the same thing especially Dave and Deena, because it seemed like they were so together.
Gomez: Actually, Brian and Dave are roommates because Dave gets booted out of the house every once in a while, so there's even more comedy to come along with the "Odd Couple" of him and Brian.

TVGuide.com: As in getting in trouble together?
Gomez: Yeah, and trying to brush our teeth at the same time... it is interesting how it's turned from "Come on, join the club" to "Hey, I just joined your club." There are a lot of little twists and turns that happen. Fans of the show are really going to love it, and people who haven't caught on yet will have a whole new perspective.

TVGuide.com: Does everyone else get involved in Dave and Deena's problems?
Gomez: Yeah, and that's interesting because the group is so close. Nicole (Rosanna Arquette) and Deena have become closer and closer, and there's a lot of life talk, but the guys don't talk so much. Dave and Deena are constantly running into each other, butting heads and figuring out how to manage this situation that they're in right now. But yes, everybody's bummed. This is the couple that they all thought was going to be the image of what we should all be a successful, happy marriage and now they're on the rocks. But I keep my fingers crossed that true love comes and saves the day in the end, anyway.

TVGuide.com: It seems like Nicole and Angelo (Raoul Bova) were the most stable couple on the show, but now with Nic's fertility secret, I'm wondering how their relationship will change, too  if things are going to get rocky for everyone.
Gomez: Yes. Ohh, wait until you see. Wait until you see.

TVGuide.com: Will anything major happen with Dave and Brian's company? Is that a big story line?
Gomez: That is a big story line. We come back six months from where we left off, so there's a lot of movement that's happened. When they first said to us, "Hey, we're going to be jumping ahead to six months later," it was like, "Whoa, what do we do? How do we make that jump? How does all that happen?"

TVGuide.com: But you cover all that?
Gomez: Yeah, and it actually works really well, because Brian's been gone for a while, trying to find himself, and life has moved on without our friend....

TVGuide.com: Do we find out where he's been?
Gomez: You do. Everything's pretty much flushed out and explained. He has an experience that changes his life and he comes back to the family, back to his loving group of friends. He inadvertently throws a big old monkey wrench into everybody's life.

TVGuide.com: Have Marjorie (Sarah Lancaster) and Adam (Matthew Davis) still been together while Brian's been gone?
Gomez: I don't want to spoil too much for you, but yes, they've gone down that path and it's a great way to start the season, because you get all this movement really quickly. You realize that the time you were away as an audience member is the time that we were away, so you get this cool jump into a different place.

TVGuide.com: What new people will we see this season and how will they stir things up?
Gomez: Jason George (Eve) plays Jimmy, Adam's new partner. Amanda Foreman (Felicity), a fantastic actress, plays Ivy, Jimmy's wife, a total pot-stirrer chick. She is all about making sure people know what she thinks. We have some returning folks, such as Marguerite Moreau, who's coming back as Suzanne. People jump in and out, and Brian's love interests happen as often as he changes his shirt. [Knots Landing's] William Devane, who plays Brian's dad, is fantastic.

TVGuide.com: Will he affect Nicole's story line, too, since they're siblings?
Gomez: He does. He's the patriarch of the whole Davis clan and he definitely has his own baggage and his own stuff, and we all know that stuff. He's this menacing force of Brian's life and some major conflict has been there in the past, so it's an interesting relationship between him and his dad.

TVGuide.com: So all told, new things to come and exciting surprises in Season 2?
Gomez: Some great surprises, some sad stuff, some funny, some happy... it's really full of life this year, and I'm looking forward to seeing what people think. It's still a fun show and I think, from what I've seen, the fans of the show are really going to dig it and latch onto it again.

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