Question: I'm sure you've heard that in Canada, the station that airs Grey's Anatomy aired the second episode of Season 3 last week instead of the premiere! Any idea how something like that could happen? And what did we miss here in the U.S.?


CTV blamed it on a "satellite-feed error at the source," whatever the frak that means. Obviously, the problem had something to do with the fact that, internally, the first episode was referred to as Episode 2, and vice versa. (Short-story-shorter: They were shot out of order.) Whatever the reason, you just know Shonda Rhimes was channeling Linda Blair when the news broke Friday morning. And to your second question, U.S. residents (or at least those who didn't watch the illegal downloads on the Web) missed one of the best Grey's episodes ever. There are at least a dozen highlights, including a climactic hotel scene that, to quote Matt Roush, will have a large portion of the audience "cursing the person who invented the towel."