Question: I'm really worried about what's going to happen with Sarah Wayne Callies' character on Prison Break now that she's pregnant in real life (Ausiello Report 1/23).

Answer: Relax, Dr. Sara is safe. Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring told me so himself. "We wouldn't kill her off for having a child," he says. "We're planning on going forward with her in the series, because she's one of our strongest components." Scheuring also ruled out incorporating the pregnancy into the show. Instead, he and his fellow producers are devising "creative ways" to account for Sara's disappearance this fall. (Callies is due in late summer, just as production on the anticipated third season gets underway.) "It actually fits into what we were already planning," says the exec, who would neither confirm nor deny that Sara would be the victim of yet another kidnapping. "We definitely have creative work-arounds to account for her character [being MIA]. We would have explanations for why she wasn't in the first [batch] of episodes."