Question: Everything I'm reading suggests Wayne Palmer will already be president when 24's sixth season begins. But now I'm hearing he gets elected later in the season. Do you know which is true?

Answer: Unless Season 6 takes place on Election Day, I think it's safe to assume he'll already be the president. When I ran into exec producer Evan Katz at press tour, he explained his decision to install David's bro in the Oval Office. "It's a great choice. It's RFK. It's the slightly less-polished younger brother who has something to prove and is living in the 'shadow' is too strong a word. But living with the martyred, heroic older brother is very powerful. What I think we need to remind people is that we're not just [making him the prez] because he's [David's] brother. He was [David's] chief of staff in Season 3. He's a big part of politics."