Question: I'm just dying from Veronica Mars withdrawal. What can you spill about the Rob Thomas-directed episode on Jan. 25? It's his first time, right? Gotta be something good.

Answer: Let's ask the man himself. "I'll say this: Given my first chance to direct an episode, I didn't skimp on story," Rob teases. "Major developments in my episode. And serious upheaval in Veronica's love life." That's putting it mildly. Take a look at this tease UPN just released about the episode: "An FBI team, headed up by tough, seasoned Agent Morris (guest star Lucy Lawless), is called in to pursue Duncan after he breaks up with Veronica and flees with Meg's baby. Meanwhile, Wallace reveals the tragic reason why he returned to Neptune. Later, Logan asks his buddy Dick to help in a scheme to weed out which one of Weevil's P.C.H. Biker Boyz framed him for murder." Yeah, I'd say he didn't skimp on story.