Question: I'm French! Tell me something about Desperate Housewives!

Answer: You just gave me a thought: From this point forward, everyone in AA should announce their nationality before asking a question. How random and annoying is that? Regarding Housewives, I've seen the Sept. 24 season premiere and shocker! it doesn't suck. Actually, there was much to like, particularly (and not surprisingly) any scene with Bree in it. In fact, our favorite carrot-topped compulsive does something or should I say, experiences something with new beau Orson that literally made me laugh my ass off. (Seriously, my bum fell away from my body for a split second.) Also, Susan does something incredibly clumsy and dumb and, instead of fastening an airtight bag around my head, I chuckled. I kid you not. All told, I'm cautiously optimistic about the season ahead.