My sixth sense for scoop is telling me that Medium is lining up some big guest stars this May (well, big for those of us who lived for Wednesday nights on Fox in the mid-'90s).

Sources with strong ties to the "other side" confirm that former 90210 pinup Jason Priestley has booked a three-episode arc as a gambling addict named Walter Paxton. He starts work this week, and his first episode airs in May.

Additionally, ex- Party of Fiver Neve Campbell will appear in a May sweeps episode, although details about her role are coming through a little fuzzy.

Ironically, since Medium airs opposite Lost, Campbell will essentially be competing against her former TV bro, Matthew Fox. Hey, I just thought of something: How totally awesome would it be if Owen turned up on CSI: NY? That'd be like hitting the Salinger trifecta!

In totally unrelated news, miss me?