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It only took a Transformer, a shotgun Las Vegas wedding and a Jennifer Lopez emotional breakdown, but American Idol now has its top 13 finalists for Season 10. Hours after the country picked its top 10 and the judges picked their three wild cards, the Idol class of 2011 walked their first red carpet and discussed everything from their secrets for calming the nerves before a performance to their ideal celebrity duet partners.

Watch your back, J. Lo! Karen Rodriguez wants to duet with your hubby: "Marc Anthony stops by sometimes and he gives me hugs and thumbs up. ... He's another one of my idols. If there is someone who I would love to sing with and do a duet with, it would be him."

James Durbin is over the Adam Lambert comparisons: "I'm kind of tired of answering that question. We're completely different people stylistically, tone-wise. The only similarity that we have is the high note. ... He put his foot in the door; I want to try and put my foot straight through the door. He did some rock, I liked it. I want to do some metal like Iron Maiden, ACDC, Ozzy, Sabbath."

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It's pretty easy to be friends with Steven Tyler, according to Lauren Alaina: "If anyone tries hard enough, they can have a connection with Steven Tyler. He's really down-to-earth and he's a great guy. "

Scotty McCreery is not just a country boy: "People don't know, but my first couple preliminary auditions before I went in front of the judges, I sang Frank Sinatra and John Mayer, so I do different stuff."

Haley Reinhart knows the importance of song choice: "It would be cool to find out how to pick a great song because there are so many components: You're thinking about the audience, how you're going to connect with them and with the judges and with yourself. It's such a big deal and you have a little time to do it."

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Casey Abrams doesn't believe that practice makes perfect: "I don't think about it. I have to keep it fresh. If I over-rehearse, it doesn't feel right. Sing it once or twice. Let it rest. Maybe hum it in your head and then get it out of there. I want every performance to be different."

Naima Adedapo has some big tricks up her sleeve: "I feel like I still have more to show America. I feel like I haven't shown all of me yet. I have some things that I'm going to pull out of my pocket that I feel like people will be able to connect to immediately."

Look out for original Stefano Langone compositions: "The music that I do the best is my own music. Not only because it comes from me, but the music that I write fits ... my voice perfectly, so it's the better way. So when I'm in the shower, I'm doing a lot of my music, but I'm also doing John Legend and Stevie Wonder as well."

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Ashthon Jones might have a small crush on Casey Abrams: "I would go to his concerts every day. He's got a different style. ... He's hot, he's cute."

Paul McDonald has no idea what to expect — really: "This whole thing has been a surprise because, literally, I've never really watched the show. So I'm like, 'Oh, cool, we're getting eliminated now and there's a big stage?'"

Thia Megia likes being the baby of the competition:  "It adds more to the excitement because, with the older contestants, they treat you like a baby, which is kind of cool for me. I'm enjoying it. It's nice to represent the younger singers out there and the hopefuls."

Jacob Lusk isn't looking to be Idol's next one-hit wonder: "Just really about maintaining your career and having longevity. For me, that's what it's about. I don't want to be an Idol who wins or finishes up in fourth place, releases one album and then you never come back and never do anything else."

Pia Toscano is staying clear of the show's message boards: "I really try not to read anything. I just want to be sure of myself every week. You don't want to read anything that can cloud up your mind."

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