Jennifer Lopez's production partner and manager, Simon Fields, tells Variety that during the rehearsals for this week's American Idol (for which Madame Badonkadonk is serving as guest mentor), Sanjaya Malakar was served well by the Latino-music theme. "He sang beautifully," Fields told the trade mag over the increasingly loud hoofsteps of four storied horsemen.

Fields was speaking to Variety on behalf of a musical drama he and Lopez are producing for Univision. La Flor Palida, the Spanish-language net's first foray into the miniseries genre, concerns a singer/movie actress who runs away from fame and her beau, ultimately reconnecting with a torch-carrying guy she knew back in high school. Slated for a late May premiere, the mini will feature music from Lopez's just-released Spanish CD Como Ama Una Mujer.

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