Speaking with TVGuide.com at Thursday night's American Idol after-party ( click here for our red-carpet Q&As), Antonella Barba's on-show roommate said the 20-year-old New Jersey girl "has too much class, too much pride" to accept any possible offer to pose for Playboy. "She wouldn't do it, not at all," Stephanie Edwards told us. "She's a very classy and intelligent young woman, and I could never see her doing anything like that." Edwards says she and Barba served as each other's backbone during the competition, and "were becoming so close" until Barba's Thursday ejection.

Someone else who made an impact on Barba during her two-pronged ordeal was Simon Cowell, who on Wednesday's broadcast gave the beauty props for enduring the media scrutiny. Says Edwards, "Antonella told me, 'That was so nice of Simon to say that. He helped me out there,' and I agreed. It was very nice of him." - Additional reporting by Deidre Johnson

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