Starting March 11: Simon ... versus ... Sawyer! Starting March 11: Simon ... versus ... Sawyer!

Fox's time-shifting American Idol is determined to cause ABC's Lost even more headaches.

Starting March 11, when the singing competition enters the finals, its Wednesday results shows will air an hour later, at 9 pm/ET — putting it in a position to take some wind out of Lost's sails.

This will mark the first time in two years that ABC's trippy serial will regularly go toe-to-toe with the reality juggernaut, the Hollywood Reporter notes.

This scheduling news comes just days after a "special" two-hour Wednesday Idol outing knocked Lost's Nielsens down a peg. For me, it brings to mind that Bud Fox quote from Wall Street: "How many yachts can you water-ski behind, Kevin Reilly?"

Fox's switcheroo also means a harsh truth for Tim Roth's Lie to Me. Though the recently premiered drama has thrived in its après-Idol time slot, come March 11 it will be left to open the night at 8 pm, albeit against lesser competition (e.g. Knight Rider, Top Model).