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After months of speculation, everyone knows now that, yes, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez will be judging the next season of American Idol alongside Randy Jackson. But where will they sit?

Returning executive producer Nigel Lythgoe answered that burning question Wednesday, tweeting the first picture of the new judges table from the show's New Jersey auditions.

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So who's filling in Simon Cowell's seat? Looks like after eight years of being the first to weigh in on the Idol hopefuls, Jackson has moved on down to Cowell's end of the table as the panel's final word — or so the picture would indicate.

We always figured Lopez would sit in between the guys and cement her status as the new Paula Abdul. What we didn't expect was the competition's lone original judge to become the final judge contestants hear from.

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Is Jackson ready for the responsibility? He's been called out for "dawg" overkill and a general lack of constructive criticism. ("For me, for you? It was just aiiiight.")

Do you think Jackson deserves the final slot? Sound off on the seating order in the comments below!