Idina Menzel Idina Menzel

Idina Menzel is trying to get back into the dating scene, but it seems the "Let It Go" singer is having a tough time of it. After ending her 10-year marriage to Taye Diggs in December, Menzel summed up dating as a single mom to Valentine in the Morning: "It all sucks."

"I don't want to keep introducing him to people and having him form bonds and then take 'em away, you know," she said, referring to the couple's son, Walker, 4. "It's bad enough his mom and dad are getting divorced."

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A few days after Menzel's comments, Diggs made his first red carpet appearance with his new girlfriend Amanza Smith Brown at the BET Awards. The new couple reportedly had been dating a while before going public four months after Diggs and Menzel split.

Unlike her ex, Menzel is less likely to rush into another public relationship because she knows the hardships that come when one's parents divorce firsthand. "I went through it when I was 15 years old. I keep telling myself, because I feel so badly for him, it's better that he's 4-and-a half than when he's 15," Menzel said. "He has two parents that love him very much and we want to be great moms and dads. At 15, I was too aware. I thought I was an adult, and I got in the middle of everything and I took on the stress for both of them."

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