The British reality series Love Island has been entertaining U.S. viewers since 2015. Now, CBS is launching its first season, set in a beautiful Fiji villa. Hosted by Arielle Vandenberg, Love Island Season 1 will air every weeknight beginning July 9 on CBS.

If you are not familiar with the show, just imagine it being wilder than Are You The One and steamier than Bachelor in Paradise. It's a relationship-centered competition reality show dialed up to 11.

The show begins with 11 smokin' hot singles — aka "Islanders" — who will work through crushes, challenges, and heartbreak in their quest to find a bond that lasts longer than the summer. But is it all about love, lust, or strategy? It could be all three, but not without some intense and entertaining drama. There will never be a dull moment because this show is filmed all day, every day. With 24/7 surveillance, you'll never miss a kiss.

Here's how to watch Love Island online.

Watch Love Island on CBS All Access

Starting July 9, Love Island will air every weeknight on CBS. CBS All Access subscribers can stream Love Island live. That's right, LIVE! Got plans on a weeknight? Not to worry: When you sign up for CBS All Access, you'll gain access to aired episodes you can stream any time you want.

CBS All Access does offer a free one-week trial. After that, you have the option to pay $5.99 per month for the limited commercials subscription or $9.99 for the commercial-free subscription. You can sign up here.

Watch Love Island on an Alternate Subscription Streaming Service

CBS is also available on other subscription streaming services, such as DirecTVNow, YouTube TV, and Hulu with Live TV. The prices for these services vary, depending on the selected package.

Heat up your summer: Get ready to watch Love Island, beginning July 9.