Britain's greatest export may very well be Love Island, an addictive summer dating show set to invade the U.S. this July on CBS.

Essentially Bachelor in Paradise meets Big Brother, the sultry reality series follows a group of attractive young singles trapped together in a gorgeous villa on a remote island while competing for love and a huge cash prize. With thousands of cameras hidden throughout their lux digs, viewers are invited to watch all the drama and heartbreak unfold as the Islanders fall in and out of love, with new twists being thrown at them each day.

If you're itching to know more about the beloved reality show, check out our complete breakdown of everything you need to know about Love Island USA below, and listen to our unofficial recap podcast, Recap Island.

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Love Island USA will be hosted by Arielle Vandenberg. Vandenberg will take over for Caroline Flack, who has served as host of the U.K. version since its revival in 2015. (The show originally aired for two seasons in 2005 and 2006 with a cast of British celebs.) Vandenberg made a name for herself as a comedian, actress, and major internet personality, with TV and film credits that include How I Met Your Mother, Bones, The Ugly Truth, and hosting the weekly Snapchat series Snap Hangs.

It will air on weeknights starting this July. Love Island USA will debut with a special 90-minute premiere on Tuesday, July 9 at 8/7c on CBS. The series will continue thereafter with hourlong episodes airing five nights a week from Monday through Friday until it wraps up on Wednesday, Aug. 7.

The show has found a new location. While past seasons took place on the Spanish island of Majorca, the U.S. version will heat things up at a fancy villa in Fiji.

Love isn't the only thing on the line. In addition to their quest for love, contestants — or Islanders, as they're called — will also be competing for a $100,000 cash prize to be split between the winning couple, which will be determined by the viewers.

It's not your average dating show. The series consists of five ridiculously good-looking young women and five ridiculously good-looking young men who meet for the first time at the villa and must immediately couple up or risk being booted from the island. In the U.K. version, pairs are even required to share a bed each night, a stipulation likely to carry over to the American version.

Recurring new guests constantly threaten the existing couples. Things are always changing on Love Island, including the couples. Every few days, new guests will arrive with the hopes of stealing someone's partner to avoid leaving the island empty-handed, which is cause for plenty of drama.

There are multiple ways to get kicked off the Island. Along with the looming threat of being dumped by their partner, Islanders must also worry about being dumped via a text alert, voted off by the other contestants, or booted from the competition by viewers.

The official cast has been revealed. Eleven Islanders are headed to the tropics this summer in the hopes of finding love, including a 25-year-old analyst for Nike and a 27-year-old model and musician whose celebrity crush is Tina Fey. Get the full scoop on the Love Island cast here.

Islanders will be living in a pastel paradise. The new villa features an array of lush colors, a decked out infinity pool and a romantic hideaway suite designed by Jonathan Adler, which you can check out here.

Love Island USA premieres Tuesday, July 9 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.

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