Time: Sunday, June 10 at 9/8c
Channel: AMC
Stream Online: AMC.com or fuboTV (Try for free)

After taking time off for the long Memorial Day weekend, Fear the Walking Dead is returning to AMC this coming Sunday (June 3), and then again the following Sunday for the mid-season finale. There's been a lot going on, so these are a pair of can't-miss episodes! The show usually pulls off a trademark big death in these situations, but after a shocking fatality early in the season, will they do it to us again? Even if they don't, we're still expecting an exciting one-two punch from this pair of episodes!

Madison (Kim Dickens) has been missing, but this Sunday she returns and has to deal with the unintended consequences of her decision to help an adversary. Meanwhile, in the middle of an intense gun battle with the Vultures, the life of John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt) is hanging in the balance, as Morgan (Lennie James), who came to this spin-off from the franchise's original show, The Walking Dead, and a newly-returned Naomi (Jenna Elfman) try to help him. As we've seen, fans are taking to social media and demanding that John Dorie survive. But will Alicia allow Naomi to live long enough to help John?

And is everything exactly what it seems to be? Start finding out this Sunday, by tuning in to AMC to get some of the answers... and the inevitable new questions, which will only get resolved a week later on the exciting mid-season finale that airs on June 10th! But Fear not: If you miss these two episodes when they are first shown, you can always stream them later at AMC.com, or with a free trial at fuboTV. And be prepared for the mid-season finale to be some sort of cliffhanger. After all, there are still eight more episodes to air following this middle-of-the-season break. AMC hasn't told us yet when to expect the back half of the fourth season to premiere, but stay tuned and we'll get that info to you, just as soon as we can.