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How to Get Away with Murder: Who Killed Wes?

Let's consider the possibilities

Joyce Eng

Now that we finally know who's #UnderTheSheet on How to Get Away with Murder, the next burning question (and obvious show hashtag) is #WhoKilledWes?

Poor Wes (Alfred Enoch) was half-burned to a crisp in the house fire, but as Nate (Billy Brown), with intel from the medical examiner, told Annalise (Viola Davis) in Thursday's winter finale, Wes was dead before the fire started.

So who could've offed him? "I think everyone's fair game. There's a lot of people to be accounted for and that's sort of the fun of the back half of the season for me -- scratch off suspects as we go," creator Peter Nowalk told TVGuide.com.

Let's consider the possible suspects, from least likely to most.
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9. Michaela (Aja Naomi King), Asher (Matt McGorry) and Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) (tie)
All three were genuinely shocked and devastated when Bonnie told them the news, and they all appear to have an alibi (anything could've happened in the hours between when Wes left the police station and when he was killed). Michaela was with her mom Trishelle (Brett Butler), Asher was passed out in the middle of a dorm rager, and Oliver, whose alibi is the flimsiest, was hot on the trail Googling Murder Night 2014.

8. Laurel (Karla Souza)
Laurel is the only person we know for sure was in the house with Wes when the house blew up. They could've gotten into a lover's spat or something, but it's still unlikely it's our mom-to-be.

7. Annalise
OK, do I think she purposely killed Wes? No. Her reaction to seeing his body was so visceral that she probably is innocent, as she claims to be, but she could've accidentally killed him in some struggle. Maybe Wes did ultimately decide to rat out Annalise and she lost her damn mind? We still don't know why Annalise was calling everyone over to her house, but she was obviously cooking up something in her mile-a-minute brain to save her ass from ADA Atwood (Milauna Jackson)'s claws.

How to Get Away with Murder
Nicole Wilder, ABC

6. Connor (Jack Falahee)
Connor has never liked Wes and literally told him two weeks ago that if Wes ever gave the cops Connor's name, he would kill him. It's too on-the-nose for Connor to be the culprit, but he is the only other person besides Wes whose previously revealed timeline didn't line up with everyone else's. He hooked up with Thomas, but where did he go next? However, the fact that he didn't have his phone on him -- and phones played a huge role in the finale -- is a big sticking point. Did he just so happen to bump into Wes somewhere, kill him and dump his body in Annalise's house? Unlikely. I guess they both could've gone to Annalise's house, but why would Connor go there on his own without knowing that Annalise asked him to go?
5. Atwood
Atwood is single-black-female-ing Annalise. Nate dumping her after finding out that she only hired him to investigate Annalise doesn't help. Atwood was chomping at the bit for the police to bring Wes in. If she finds out that Wes bailed on snitching on Annalise, she might go searching for him and kill him in a fit of rage.

4. Bonnie (Liza Weil)
Bonnie asked Frank (Charlie Weber) to take the fall for Annalise after the cops found Rebecca's body, to which he was very reluctant to agree. Perhaps Bonnie took matters into her own hands and killed Wes herself. Bonnie killed Rebecca, so whoever takes the fall for Rebecca's death would be covering her (Winter)bottom. And there's some morbid symmetry if she killed former lovers Rebecca and Wes.
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3. Frank
After the tense suicidal opening, Frank was MIA for most of the episode, and we know he's capable of anything. He already resents Wes for taking his girl and replacing him as Annalise's surrogate son, so why not off the guy? Plus, it's very suspect that Rebecca's body was found. Frank was in charge of disposing it and from the sounds of it, he has a pretty sterling record, so was this just a messy job or were the cops tipped off?
2. Nate
Nate was the only other person we saw enter Annalise's house, which makes him a prime suspect, but also a major red herring - this show is all about the misdirects after all. It's unclear if he was in there with Wes and Laurel when it blew up, but he probably wasn't, seeing how that sculpted bod is completely unscathed. That doesn't mean that he couldn't have killed Wes beforehand though. Nate was lurking about everywhere in the episode, specifically spying on Wes, and he could've killed him to protect Annalise if he feared Wes was going to out her. That "bitch" scene certainly drove the point home that Nate just can't quit Annalise.

1. The Mahoneys
Specifically Mama Mahoney (Roxanne Hart). She'd want revenge after Frank framed Charles for Wallace's murder. Plus, these people are loaded, so she'd certainly have the means to hire someone to professionally eliminate Wes. "Wes just testified against her son," Nowalk says. "These are really powerful people. It was also stupid of them to [frame Charles]." It's also be a terribly sad full circle in Wes' terribly sad life story if the people who played a part in Wes' mother's death killed him too.

Who do you think killed Wes?

How to Get Away with Murder returns Thursday, Jan. 19 at 10/9c on ABC.