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How to Get Away with Murder: The House Fire Victim Speaks!

Why the death "feels right"

Joyce Eng

[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers about Thursday's episode of How to Get Away with Murder. Read at your own risk.]

For the third year in a row, Wes (Alfred Enoch) was the answer to How to Get Away with Murder's central fall season mystery. Unfortunately, this time, being the person #UnderTheSheet means that Wes is dead -- which Enoch himself kind of predicted early on.

"At the beginning of the season, I was like, 'I think it could be Wes. It would be good for the story. It would make sense,'" he tells TVGuide.com.

Fortunately, we'll still see Wes in flashbacks when the show returns with the remaining six episodes of the season to fill in the blanks of what happened inside the house before it exploded.

See what else Enoch has to say about "haunting" the show from beyond the grave, why it "feels right" for Wes to be #UnderTheSheet, and why Wes would never turn on Annalise (Viola Davis). (Click here to read our interview with creator Peter Nowalk.)
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How does it feel to be dead?
Alfred Enoch:
I'm good today! [Laughs] It's a little bit of a relief knowing everyone [will find out].

When did Pete tell you?
Two months ago, around the seventh episode.

Were you thinking it could be Wes?
At the beginning of the season, I was like, "I think it could be Wes. It would be good for the story. It would make sense." At then I was kind of thrown off the scent by something that made me think, "Oh, maybe it's not going to be Wes." And then very strangely, that week, I got this impression that it might be [him] again and then it was. They called me in and told me and I was like, "There it is!"

How to Get Away with Murder

Why were you thrown off the scent?
Aja [Naomi King] had a theory about when Annalise gives Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) the phone and asks him to wipe it so it's clean, to erase the data. And Aja was like, "I don't think she'd do that if it was one of us," or something. I was like, "Oh, yeah, alright." But in the back of my mind, I was still like, "But I still think it could be me." [Wes] is just a huge part of all of these people's lives and it feels right for it to be him.

I kind of figured it was you because Wes was the answer to the last two fall mysteries, so now it's three for three.
[Laughs] Three for three! Yeah, Jack [Falahee] actually put that to me the other day, like, "OK, well, surprise, surprise, it's Wes again!" I was like, "Oh, yeah, when you put it that way."

What was your reaction after Pete told you?
I'm of the view that it's great for the story, and it really is. I totally get it. It's exciting that it's Wes and it shakes up the show. Personally, it's sad because I love being here and everyone here. It's been three years. It's been great working together and we get along really well. And it's been such a great experience in so many ways, so it's sad to know it's coming to an end. ... That's the difficult thing. That's a bummer.

You'll still be around for six more episodes at least.
Exactly! That's kind of the nice thing. I was like, "Oh, great! So I'm still around for a bit." I'm kind of haunting the show! [Laughs] It's just strange to kind of think of the end of something coming. That's the kind of sadness [I'm feeling].
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It seemed like Wes ratted out Annalise in the flash-forward two weeks ago, but he didn't. I was kind of happy he didn't because I didn't feel like he would turn on her so easily after everything they've been through, and he's been such an ally for her recently. Why do you think he walked out of the police station?
I don't think he was ever going to rat her out at all. I think he was bluffing with [the cops]. He was like, "Oh, I want this and that and this" [in the immunity deal]. When I first saw [the flash-forward] in the seventh episode, it killed me to see that he took the deal or was about to do the deal to rat her out. I called Pete and was like, "Wait a second!" [Laughs]

I just felt like based on what he was doing the whole season, he's been very decidedly and incredibly mature. He's got enough reason [to turn on Annalise] -- the stuff she's kept from him and the ways she's manipulated everyone. It's not a healthy relationship, but she's done wonderfully generous things for him as well. On the basis of the things she's done, I've felt like he's tried to make peace with it this whole season and has been trying to put those things behind him very successfully. He's been there for her, even when she's drunk on the floor.

He was the only one of the Keating 5 who didn't yell at her when she told them to.
Right, exactly. I think he's come to the realization that she's one of the most important people in his life. Like it or not, that's the reality of it. So I was pleased to see that he didn't take the deal and turn on her.

Is Wes Laurel's (Karla Souza) baby daddy? He's the most obvious answer.
That will be revealed really soon!

Do you know what Wes does next? He walked out of there with a lot of purpose.
Enoch: Oh, I have no idea! I'm back to the usual, ignorant "I have no clue what's happening on this show!" [Laughs] I guess we'll find out what happened during that time and find out how Wes ends up burnt and dead and naked on an autopsy table.


Do you have any theories of your own? Do you think it was an accident or did someone target him specifically?
I don't think it was an accident, knowing the show, but I guess that's possible. That would be something. That would be another kind of surprise. That would be really tragic -- whatever happened was meant for someone else. That's not quite how I see it panning out.

I always felt like it was some plot between Annalise and Wes, especially when he was ostensibly taking the immunity deal, and it went awry and he ended up dying. That would totally wreck her.
Ah. Well, you've got to schedule a call with Pete then and put it to him. Pitch it to him! [Laughs]

How to Get Away with Murder returns Thursday, Jan. 19 at 10/9c on ABC.