How to Get Away with Murder returns Thursday — and you can probably guess what the hashtag is: #WhoKilledWes.

The identity of Wes' (Alfred Enoch) killer and exactly how he or she killed him — remember: Per the medical examiner, he was dead before Annalise' (Viola Davis) house went kaboom — will unfold over the remaining six episodes of Season 3, as the show will reveal what went down in his final hours after he declined the police's immunity deal to turn on Annalise and slipped out of the police station with only Nate (Billy Brown) noticing.

"We'll be finding out each episode another piece of the puzzle what happened to Wes that day after he left the station," creator and showrunner Peter Nowalk tells "That's great because you'll get to see Alfie a lot in each episode and we'll just fill in the holes of what happened. It's several hours. A lot can happen in that time. Maybe he died somewhere else and was brought [to the house]. Anything's possible."

How to Get Away with Murder: Who Killed Wes? Ranking the suspects

So much so that Nowalk didn't decide who the culprit was until "right before the holiday break." "We always have people in mind, but then you're like, 'That's too obvious,'" he says. "We had a lot of possibilities, but I think we came up with one that I think makes it feel surprising but also earned."

Alfred Enoch, How to Get Away with MurderAlfred Enoch, How to Get Away with Murder

Top of the suspect list — at least on the show — is Annalise, who will remain in jail, where she'll befriend her two cellmates, for longer than expected after she's denied bail. "Some of the characters suspect Annalise. But haven't they learned anything at this point?" Nowalk says. "There's going to be a lot of questioning of her by everyone and she finds that exhausting."

In terms of pure retaliation, there's the Mahoneys, who would totally seek revenge after Frank (Charlie Weber) framed Charles (Wilson Bethel) for Wallace's (Adam Arkin) murder. "The Mahoneys are still in play," Nowalk teases. "Sylvia (Roxanne Hart) and Charles are going to play an important role at least in our investigation."

The first half of Season 3 eliminated candidates as the victim #UnderTheSheet with an And Then There Were None-style reveal every episode, but Nowalk says the show won't employ the same tactic to clear someone's name as Wes' killer.

"It's different, not exactly like that," he says. "You'll get clues and see people [in the flashbacks], but I wouldn't say anyone is in the clear. Everyone is fair game. Everyone on the show is shady until we tell you they're not."

How to Get Away with Murder returns Thursday at 10/9c on ABC.