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How to Get Away With Murder: Our Best Gabriel Maddox Theories

One of them is kind of icky

Lindsay MacDonald

How to Get Away with Murderis about to head into its midseason finale, which is typically when we get a few answers about the murders and mysteries the season has presented us with. The one answer we're dying for this time? Who Gabriel Maddox (Rome Flynn) is.

So far, we know that he's someone's kid and he's developed a strange sort of fixation on the Keating Four -- Laurel (Karla Souza) and Michaela (Aja Naomi King) in particular -- which is never a great sign. There have been a few red herrings about this guy's identity over the course of the season, but ultimately we haven't been able to rule anything out except Annalise's (Viola Davis) involvement in his appearance. Though Frank (Charlie Weber) and Laurel seem to know who he is, they've been debating whether or not to tell Annalise about Gabriel's identity and their investigation into his activities, which makes us second guess whether Annalise knows anything about the kid at all.

On the other hand, Annalise and Bonnie (Liza Weil) have been covering up some kind of hidden adoption -- whose is still up for grabs -- which may or may not be tied to Gabriel's past. You know, just the typical How to get Away with Murder stuff.

To help you sort through all the madness, we've compiled the best of the best theories about who Gabriel is and what's he's doing at Middleton Law School.

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1. He's Bonnie's son

​How to Get Away with Murder

How to Get Away with Murder


Bonnie has been on a whirlwind investigation into the supposed death of the baby she had when she was 15-years-old, and it's had more twists and turns than we could have ever expected. We thought this theory had been put to bed when Bonnie's sister revealed she abducted Bonnie's son from the hospital their father abandoned him at, but she later admitted to burying the baby alive on the side of the road so he wouldn't suffer the same abuse she and Bonnie did as children. Unfortunately, Bonnie never found her baby's body, so that confession is still suspect until we find further proof that it's real.

Gabriel being Bonnie's son works out age-wise (just barely), but all in all, Gabriel hasn't seemed very interested in Bonnie. While it is hinky that Annalise and Bonnie have an adoption secret they're sharing, it doesn't seem like it's Bonnie's kid's adoption considering how in the dark she was about her sister's revelations. Plus, if he were Bonnie's kid, it stands to reason we'd have seen him react a little to meeting her or at least shown some interest in getting to know her rather than palling around with the Keating Four so much.

2. He's Michaela's biological brother

​How to Get Away with Murder

How to Get Away with Murder


Yeah, this one is a little icky, but How to Get Away with Murder is just bananas enough to pull this kind of stunt. Gabriel has seemed overly invested in Michaela lately, stalking her through her photos online and begging for her to bring him to Connor (Jack Falahee) and Oliver's (Conrad Ricamora) wedding. Michaela was adopted into her southern, redneck family as a baby, and as far as we know she's had no contact with her biological parents or any potential siblings. There's every chance that Gabriel could be her brother or half-brother and neither of them even know it.

This theory doesn't explain Frank's call ("Her kid is here") at the end of Season 4 though, which is its main weak point. Plus, if Gabriel somehow knows he's related to Michaela, it would be a bit strange for him to be sending so many sex vibes her way, right? It would probably be best for everyone if this theory remained just that, considering Michaela and Gabriel's heated hook up at the end of the most recent episode.

How to Get Away with Murder: Could Gabriel Maddox Be Bonnie's Son?

3. He's Annalise son

​How to Get Away with Murder

How to Get Away with Murder


If the secret adoption in Annalise's past wasn't for Bonnie's child, there really aren't many people left that it could have been -- other than Annalise herself. We know Annalise had trouble conceiving with Sam after they got married, but could there have been a pregnancy earlier in her life that warranted giving the baby up for adoption? If that's the case, Annalise could definitely have a 20-something kid walking around that she doesn't even know about.

This theory also explains why Frank has been so reticent to fill Annalise in on all things Gabriel. He even told Laurel that Gabriel is "Annalise's worst nightmare," and that's pretty huge considering al the crappy things Annalise has gone through in her life. If Frank somehow knows that Gabriel is her son when even she doesn't (which frankly is a potential hole in this theory), he'd be very wary of dropping this bomb on her when her sobriety is already in question.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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