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Who Is the Killer in How to Get Away with Murder Season 6?

We've got theories about who wielded that fire poker

Lindsay MacDonald

ABC's most murderous show just killed off another member of the Keating 5, leaving us once again wondering, who is How to Get Away with Murder's latest killer? Considering there is so much to the story we don't know yet, it's going to be hard to pin this on someone, but theories are already starting to percolate among fans.

Though we originally thought Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) stood the strongest chance of committing the Season 6 murder given that his shirt was covered in blood in the flash-forward, we now know he was actually the victim. Yes, Asher has left the land of the living, and that blood on his shirt actually ended up being his own after Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) whacked him in the back of the head with a fire poker upon finding out he was the FBI mole.

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Though we did see him turn up alive and well at Bonnie's (Liza Weil) house after walking away from that hit seemingly fine, there are still some missing chunks of time between that scene and the one that found him bleeding out in the hallway outside of his apartment. Those missing hours are no doubt going to be very important in answering the question we're all asking: Who killed Asher?

Here are our best theories so far about this latest killer...

Matt McGorry, How to Get Away with Murder

Matt McGorry, How to Get Away with Murder

Mitch Haaseth, ABC

1. Oliver

Yes, Asher seemed fine after he walked away from Oliver's sudden attack, but was he really OK? The gang just thought he'd bled so much simply because it was a scalp wound, but what if the trauma was more serious than that? Head injuries can often have a delayed response, and there's every chance that Asher was slowly bleeding into his brain from that fatal injury for the rest of the night. If that's the case, Oliver would technically be the killer, having delivered the fatal blow, even if he did so hours before Asher's actual death. The fact that he tried to tell the police he was the murderer in the flash-forward this season suggests he, too, thinks he's to blame. Unfortunately, this theory doesn't answer the question of how the fire poker got into the hallway next to Asher's dead body.

2. Gabriel (Rome Flynn)

Don't think we've forgotten that we saw someone walk up the stairs and knock on Gabriel's door before the show cut to the scene of Asher's final moments. It's hard to think that's a coincidence since whoever that was would have been standing exactly where Asher later died. There's really no telling who Gabriel opened his door for, but if it was Asher and they got into yet another scuffle, it could have been Gabriel that picked up a fire poker and committed the crime.

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3. Frank (Charlie Weber)

The problem with committing the first murder ever committed on this show means we now immediately suspect Frank whenever a dead body shows up. If you remember, Bonnie called Frank that night, telling him not to go into the kids' house. Instead, she needed him to come to her place right away. It's hard to imagine Bonnie calling Frank in to kill Asher due to his status as an informant, but once Frank becomes involved, he's a wildcard no one can really control, and if he thought Asher was going to turn them all in, Frank would take whatever measures necessary to stop him. Plus, Frank is smart enough to stage the thing the way he did to point the finger at someone else. The only flaw in this theory is that we don't know when Bonnie made that call, and Asher was nowhere to be seen in the background when she did. Technically speaking, that call could have been about anything or anyone.

4. Annalise (Viola Davis)

So far Annalise is pretty much the only character on the show who hasn't gotten literal blood on her hands. She's helped clean up messes and cover up murders, sure, but never has she physically ended someone's life. She seemed ready to disappear on that private jet, but before we saw her board, she did tell her driver to turn around and go back. If she found out Asher was the informant, would Annalise have paused her getaway plans to go back and end Asher's life before getting the hell out of Dodge? Considering the show is called How to Get Away with Murder, it's a little odd that we've never seen the main character do so. That alone seems like enough of a hint that we shouldn't rule her out of the suspect pool yet.

How to Get Away with Murder's final seasonwill return Thursday, April 2 at 10/9c on ABC.