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How to Get Away with Murder: Can Bonnie Get Annalise Out of Jail?

Liza Weil on the "obstacles" ahead

Joyce Eng

Did Frank hand Annalise a "get out of jail" free card (literally)?

Frank (Charlie Weber) confessed to Wes' (Alfred Enoch) murder in the final minutes of last week's How to Get Away with Murder. It's probably not him, but his confession does open the door for Annalise (Viola Davis) to be released. But will she be? Bonnie (Liza Weil) already failed to get Annalise out on bail last week, and with the DA's office clearly out to nail Annalise no matter what, chances are looking slim. (Plus the fact that showrunner Peter Nowalk has said that Annalise will be in jail "longer than you might think."

One thing's for sure: Bonnie definitely has her work cut out for her, not just as Annalise's lawyer, but as the new Annalise in the free world. We caught up with Weil to see if Bon-Bon is up to the task.
How to Get Away with Murder boss on Frank's big confession

Frank confessed. What is Bonnie's reaction when she finds out?
Liza Weil:
She is shocked. Bonnie has to decide how to proceed with defending Annalise and getting her out. Even though it was an idea that was thrown around between Bonnie and Frank that he'd take the fall, it does come as quite a surprise to her and it leaves her very singular and alone in having to take care of everything and everyone.

He didn't even give her a heads up.
Weil: I know! [Laughs] We've talked about this! It would be nice if everybody communicated a little better.

Do you think he only confessed because of what Laurel (Karla Souza) said to him -- how it should've been him and she blames him?
I think there's a lot of stuff percolating with Frank, as there always is. That seed was planted, certainly, from Bonnie and I do think he feels an immense amount of debt to Annalise and there is this motivation to correct the past. I would agree ... that that Laurel lashing was a motivator for sure.

Since they did discuss it, is Bonnie OK with him taking the fall?
I think she has to pick up the pieces in the moment and is figuring things out as she goes since this wasn't pre-planned. Ideally, I don't think she wants anyone taking the fall.

Atwood (Milauna Jackson) has to drop the charges now and release Annalise, right?
Logically and legally, that is how one would think things would go. But Bonnie is going to have to face quite a few obstacles as Annalise's lawyer, and their dynamic has shifted a great deal. Annalise is pretty much going to hit rock bottom in this episode. It is a very different way of seeing her. I think it's very scary for Bonnie.

They're in very similar circumstances -- unsure, scared, worried about what's next. We've seen Bonnie very confident and be a total badass before. Is she going to eventually find that confidence again?
Right. It's a big challenge. She really [has] to maintain this strength that I think is a new thing for her. I think it is a role that she has wanted for a very long time, to be able to step up and have Annalise's belief in her. The circumstances are not ideal in terms of how it all went down. She's also having to face a lot of resistance with the Keating 4. They're not exactly cooperative people in terms of following Bonnie's plans or remaining calm. [Laughs] Anxiety and suspicions are running at an all-time high.

Liza Weil, How to Get Away with Murder

Liza Weil, How to Get Away with Murder

Mitch Haaseth, ABC

Is she going to crack the whip on them?
She has a real straight talk with them in this episode that hopefully doesn't fall on deaf ears. ... It's very hot and cold with Laurel and Bonnie. Laurel's position -- she's still very much processing a great deal. I think Bonnie is very compassionate to that and is trying to have a bit of gentler approach with Laurel, but they're really all wild cards at this point. I think that's also going to add to Bonnie's challenges.

Nate (Billy Brown) offered Bonnie immunity last week, but she didn't take it. Will she come to regret that or is she so loyal to Annalise she doesn't give it a second thought?
I think that it's a heartbreaker that Nate isn't who Bonnie thought he could be in terms of his position with all of this stuff. I think right now she's just moving forward and trying to figure out ways to accomplish what she needs to without him.

The medical examiner now says Wes died during the fire. It seems like she's colluding with the DA's office since they're hell-bent on locking up Annalise. Does Bonnie suspect anything?
I think the conspiracy is definitely evolving to run deeper than they initially thought. There's definitely more to it. Bonnie is very much investigating this as much as she can. There's also a bit of a clock ticking for everything. She's a competent lawyer. I think that's something that I'm personally very glad to see. I think she's doing the best she can under the circumstances. ... Right now, [the Mahoneys and Hannah] seem suspicious, but a new suspect could present themselves and then dissipate.

Were you surprised by who the killer is?
I was surprised. I was very surprised. And I do believe there's perhaps more story to tell there.

Did anyone guess correctly?
Nope. No one guessed it. That tells you how surprising it was.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.