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How to Get Away With Murder's Charlie Weber: Frank Is "All In" With Laurel

Ugh, Flaurel is killing us

Lindsay MacDonald

The midseason finale of How to Get Away with Murder left us all in a pretty rough spot, with Laurel (Karla Souza) laying in a pool of her own blood while her newborn baby struggled for breath on the floor next to her.

When we pick back up with Season 4, we'll find out just what happened to the baby after that cliffhanger, as well as who that baby's biological father is: Frank (Charlie Weber) or Wes (Alfred Enoch).

That question of paternity may matter a whole lot to viewers, according to Charlie Weber, it's not really high on the list of concerns for Frank. "I don't think it really matters to him," Weber says. "I think it's just completely about Laurel for him. He wants to be there in any capacity, regardless of who the father of the baby is."

Whether or not she'll let him be there is another matter entirely though.

We learned in the midseason finale that during an altercation between Frank and Connor (Jack Falahee), Frank accidentally threw an elbow into Laurel's stomach, which is what caused the issue with her pregnancy in the first place. Even if he didn't mean to do it, that kind of information is something that could easily play on Laurel's doubts about Frank, and even possibly on Frank's doubts about himself.

How to Get Away with Murder: Did Laurel's Father Kidnap Her Baby?

"If he were to be given that information, I think he'd be exceptionally upset to think that he hurt her in any way," Weber says. "The sort of ongoing arc is that he's doing these things sort of almost selflessly because of his feelings for her, and over all this time they've certainly had their rough patches, but he's kind of all in right now with her. I think that would be tough for him to handle."

Laurel is not the only one with doubts about Frank's character though. Annalise (Viola Davis) has been wrestling for two seasons with the knowledge that Frank was inadvertently responsible for her own stillborn child 10 years earlier.

That relationship hasn't been able to mend itself, no matter how many times Frank has begged for forgiveness, but it doesn't sound like he's giving up on Annalise yet.

"You will see Frank and Annalise together in whatever capacity," Weber teases about that relationship. "I can assure you you'll see us in the same room at the very least. That is a sometimes very tumultuous relationship, and yes, Frank is still fighting to get back in there with her. Again, that's someone else he loves very much, and so that will be up to her whether she can let some things go or not."

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

Charlie Weber, How to Get Away With Murder

Charlie Weber, How to Get Away With Murder

Richard Cartwright, ABC