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How to Get Away with Murder Star Breaks Down That Big Win for Annalise

What is Team Annalise's next move?

Joyce Eng

[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers about Thursday's episode of How to Get Away with Murder. Read at your own risk.]

Team Annalise finally got a big win.

On Thursday's How to Get Away with Murder, DA Atwood (Milauna Jackson) was exposed as the person who forged Nate's (Billy Brown) signature to move Wes' (Alfred Enoch) body, which has now apparently been cremated. And it couldn't have happened without Frank (Charlie Weber).

Frank makes a plea to Annalise (Viola Davis) over the phone, telling her: "I'm doing everything I can for our case. If you need anything at all, I'm here to help. Whatever you want." After taking two more hits -- she realizes Hargrove (Luna Velez) was the one who sold her out to Atwood in exchange for custody of her kids, and the state attorney general rejects Annalise's request for a grand jury investigation into the DA -- Annalise tells Bonnie (Liza Weil) to make Frank rehire his lawyer so they can set a new plan in motion: Frank calls for a subpoena of Atwood's personal correspondence the day Wes' body went missing on the basis of the Sixth Amendment, since Nate and Atwood used to date, prompting Atwood to confess all to Denver (Benito Martinez).
How to Get Away with Murder: Who killed Wes? Ranking the suspects

But Annalise and Frank aren't out of the woods yet, and things only get more complicated when Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) learns that Connor (Jack Falahee) -- whom Asher (Matt McGorry) believes killed Wes -- had listened to his voicemail the night of the fire and gone to Annalise's house before the fire started. What was he doing there? Trying to revive Wes!

Yeah, a whole lot happened. We caught up Weber to discuss all these developments and what to expect in next week's two-hour finale.
I liked when Frank asked Bonnie, "Did you just imply I'm stupid?" Is Frank smarter than everyone gives him credit for?
Charlie Weber:
[Laughs] Oh, yeah. Frank's always been smarter than everyone gives him credit for. There's power in that that he's always exploited. Certainly we know that he's very street savvy, but he's more book smart than he lets on.

He did his research and looked for precedent.
Yeah, he's a smart guy. He knows what he's doing!

How did it feel to play the hero?
That was fun. It was interesting because it was my first go lawyering, if you will, on the show. It was exciting. I was looking forward to that. It was interesting to prep that, having never done it on the show. I never envied Viola and Liza having to get up there and do that every week. They've always been off the hook. But it was fun and a great experience.

That was a huge break for them, but Frank and Annalise are still not in the clear, so what's their next move?
They're not in the clear, but that was a big victory for us. I think Frank finally felt close to Annalise because that was her idea. It was this collective thing of Annalise, Bonnie and Frank back together hacking a plan and having it work. I think he really, really, thoroughly enjoyed that. That's one big victory, but we have to keep going and figure the rest out. ... Frank is still in jail.

The phone conversation between Frank and Annalise was great. There was so much being said in the silence from her. Do you think she has forgiven him, or at least partially?
Thank you. Who knows if she will ever fully, but I think they're on the right track. I think Frank has made progress with her. I think she's finally giving over to the fact that he's doing everything he can and will continue to do everything he can, and there's almost nothing he can do about it. He will always sacrifice himself for her, he will always do whatever it takes to protect her and Bonnie, and I think on some level she's coming around to that being a fact of her life.

Charlie Weber, How to Get Away with Murder

Charlie Weber, How to Get Away with Murder

Mitch Haaseth, ABC

How much of that do you think is her desperation to get herself out of this situation?
I'm not sure. Only she has that answer. I don't know how desperate she feels. Her back's against the wall just like the rest of us, but I'd say that plays into it to some degree. It's that thing where we need each other and I think we do acknowledge as characters - Annalise, Frank and Bonnie - that on some level, we only exist with the others. They're a family, for better or worse. We can't exist without the others.

Frank is the least stressed about this. How confident is he that this will all work out and end up OK for them?
I think the funny thing about Frank is he grew up in jail. You can argue that he's more comfortable behind bars than in the real world, so I think that plays into it. He's quite comfortable in jail. He'd rather be free and be with the people he loves, but as far as being inside, that's not something he's afraid of. It's something he's spent so much of his life doing that it's sort of second nature. ... He's having an easier go than [Annalise] did in jail. [Laughs]

Wes was apparently cremated. Was he really and where are his ashes?
Who knows? I don't know. It's so funny. Frank isn't privy to a lot of this information and has yet to find out a lot of this stuff.

He told Bonnie that Wes wasn't there when he got there the night of the fire. I'm assuming he's not lying to Bonnie, but could he be?
You know, you never know with Frank. He doesn't have a lot of reason to lie to Bonnie; she's certainly not gonna go to the authorities. He would only lie to Bonnie if it's part of a greater good that will benefit them all.

We learn that Connor was also at the house and was performing CPR on Wes. Could Frank have crossed paths with him or Nate or Laurel (Karla Souza) that night that she can't remember? When will we see what he did at the house that night?
We may or may not. It was a big reveal and now we know there were several people at the house that night. I don't know if it's a piece of the puzzle or one more thing to think about, but Connor being there is a big deal.

What was your reaction when you found out Wes' killer?
I was very surprised, I'll say that. [Laughs] Nobody [guessed it], not to my knowledge.

What else can you tease about the finale?
I don't know if there'll be a way to avoid the spoilers that'll be coming and I'd highly suggest watching it live if you don't want spoilers. It's going to be a lot of stuff coming at you.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.