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How to Get a Vudu Free Trial and Other Deals

Vudu operates a bit differently than other streaming services, so find out how to get the best deal here.

Lara Vukelich


Vudu is a lesser-known video streaming service owned by Fandango. It's been around for more than a decade now. But Vudu is set up differently than streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Rather than paying a monthly subscription for access to an on-demand video library, Vudu offers individual rentals and purchases for shows and movies on the website. 

You have the option to rent or buy digital copies of more than 100,000 movies and shows Vudu offers. They have new releases, as well as classics and family favorites. And aside from buying shows and movies on Vudu, you also have the option to watch quite a few of them for free. 

Vudu has a large selection of ad-supported content that you can watch for free. But you still have to sign up for an account before you can watch anything. Vudu's free content includes quite a few ad breaks. If you get tired of watching all the ads, Vudu offers tons of deals on movies and shows that change all the time. 

You can watch Vudu using their website, with a mobile app on iOS and Android, with streaming devices like Roku and Chromecast, or even on newer versions of PlayStation and Xbox. We'll walk through how you can get the most out of Vudu without paying too much. 

Vudu Free Trial

A Vudu account is free, so you can sign up without worrying about getting charged for anything. After you sign up, you can watch free movies and shows that are supported by ads. Your free account will also allow you to purchase rentals and digital copies of movies and shows. 

Vudu doesn't charge a subscription fee, so there is no free trial available with a Vudu account. Instead, the account is always free. But there are perks for signing up. 

Right now, Vudu also offers a discounted rate for the first purchase. So as a new user, you can check out that movie or show you've had your eye on without paying the full cost. Vudu features many brand-new releases, so this is a nice feature to have if you want to watch the new blockbuster that just came out. 

Other Vudu Deals and Discounts

Vudu isn't a subscription-based streaming service like Hulu or fuboTV. Because Vudu doesn't use monthly subscriptions, you won't find Vudu included in any streaming bundles like Disney+, ESPN+ & Hulu bundle. 

Although Vudu doesn't offer bundles or a free trial, there are plenty of ways you can save on rentals and purchases using the service. Vudu usually features a few different deals at one time. 

In December, for example, Vudu featured an end-of-the-year sale. Right now, there are a few sales going on, but which discounts you'll be able to get can change by the week. Here are a few of the deals and discounts you can take advantage of today. 

30 Percent off First Purchase on Vudu

When you create a new account with Vudu, you get a one-time offer for 30 percent off your first purchase on the site. The 30 percent off can be used towards the rental or purchase of a movie, series, or individual episode. 

To get the offer, you have to link your account up to a credit card or PayPal account, and you'll have to use the credit within 30 days of creating the account. Although some people may not be interested in a service that uses individual purchases rather than a subscription, the discount is a great way to watch a new release at a low price.

Movies on Vudu can range from $3 to $6 for rental and $8 to $20 for purchase. Seasons of shows tend to cost between $5 and $25 to buy, and individual episodes of shows are usually about $2 each. 

Deals of the Week
Vudu features weekly deal prices on a variety of movies and TV shows, so you can return often for new prices on popular programs. Rent titles from Clifford the Big Red Dog to Mean Girls for under $5. 

All you need to claim these offers is a free Vudu account. Navigate to the Deals page, or search by genre. You'll see an orange "SALE" tag along the top of movies and shows that are on a temporary sale. 

There are lots of weekly deals to choose from; you can sort through nearly 350 discounted titles to find something you're interested in. Some movies are priced as low as $3. 

Triple Feature Bundle Sale

Vudu currently has a Triple Feature Bundle for movies in a series. You can buy the John Wick trilogy, the Divergent movie series, and all the Austin Powers movies as three-movie bundles. Pricing for these bundles is typically $45 or less, with some bundles as low as $15. 

The Triple Feature Bundle Sale is great for movie lovers who want to pick up an entire trilogy without paying full price. Other bundles pair similar movies to create a package for Ladies Night In or Sci-Fi fans.  Movies from a variety of genres are included in this deal, including romantic comedies, action movies, and James Dean films. 

The Ultimate Movie Fan Sale

Vudu also has something called the Ultimate Movie Fan Sale. This sale features a variety of films for $6 and under, including Six Minutes to Midnight, No Man's Land, Blue is the Warmest Color, and more.

Other titles are listed as $5 and under, including some cult classics and horror movies. There are dozens of movies available in a number of popular categories, including Bestsellers and Comedies. To access these movies, just sign in with your free Vudu account and click on the Ultimate Movie Fan Sale banner. 

Vudu Deals Compared

Vudu is great for renting new releases you can't watch with any other service. But in the era of streaming where you can watch thousands of movies and shows with a subscription for a few bucks per month, paying Vudu every time you want to watch something new probably isn't the best deal. 

Deals available from other streaming services include a seven-day free trial from Paramount Plus. Right now, you can try out Paramount Plus for free for a week. This includes the ad-supported subscription and the ad-free subscription that the streaming service offers.

One of the best deals around for bundling streaming services is the Disney+, ESPN+ & Hulu bundle. You can get the bundle with Hulu (ad-supported) for $14/mo., or you can get it with Hulu (no ads) for $20/mo. 

Apple TV+ is another streaming service to look out for, as it offers a seven-day free trial. The regular price of a subscription is only $5/mo., making it a great option at a lower price point.

With the ability to access three subscription-based streaming services for less than $15/mo., it's hard to make a case for buying and renting individual titles from Vudu. But Vudu does offer 30 percent off on your first purchase, which might entice some people to try it out at least once. 

Our Final Take

Although Vudu is a streaming service, it has more in common with the iTunes Store than with Netflix or Hulu. There's no subscription fee here. Instead, you pay for each title you want to rent or buy individually. 

If you don't watch a lot of TV, then Vudu might be a good option for renting the one title you're interested in. But other than that, you are probably better off looking into a streaming service with a subscription fee and a large on-demand library where you can watch whatever you want for a set monthly cost.