Hugh Laurie by Mark Lipson/Fox Hugh Laurie by Mark Lipson/Fox
Hugh Laurie, the charming star of Fox's House, says he experimented with Vicodin to understand his character's addiction to the prescription painkiller. "I wouldn't recommend it," Laurie told

Radio Times magazine, "but then again... if you're not in pain it gives a floaty, pleasurable feeling." Despite winning two Golden Globes and receiving a pair of Emmy nominations for the role of Dr. Gregory House, People reports that the self-deprecating British actor is his own toughest critic. "I don't watch regularly," he says. "I avert my eyes when my children have it on. I hate seeing myself, but it's even worse hearing my American accent... I had no idea I sound so retarded, a dull monotone, full of clunking mistakes." Another fun fact: He won't let his family move to L.A. because he thinks their arrival will jinx the show. "The moment we put down roots the whole thing will be called off," he worries. So, in summation, the answer to the question, "Are all actors as neurotic as the American ones?" is, "Indubitably." - Mickey O'Connor