Yay!  House is back from its

American Idol-induced hiatus. Don't get me wrong, I'm digging Mandisa and Chris, but it is nice to have the good doctor back in his time slot even if when I turn on the TV, I think I'm watching CSI. Maybe it was the "rape" scene that opened the show or House talking about Australian ants as if he were channeling Grissom. I'll forgive Fox for these mind games because House roared back on the scene with an outstanding episode that was more murder mystery than medical mystery. A loving wife tries to kill her husband by poisoning him with gold dust. House quickly identifies the source of his patient's illness and he pegs it on the wife. His team disagrees with him  there's a surprise. No, Foreman, it's not Lupus. You know, I don't understand why Cameron, Chase and Foreman ever doubt House's diagnoses. Then again, I'm asking this of people who seem genuinely surprised by and slightly fearful of the ringing from their beepers. Listen up, folks, House is always right. Say it with me: House is always right, from the diagnosis to the whodunit. And come on, how cool was it when House barged in to the ladies' room, grabbed the wife's unwashed hands and turned them purple with some chemical solution? The only thing missing from the episode was her teary confession, but the ambiguity surrounding her motive was intriguing. Let's follow the clues: The threesome, the role-playing, the wife's dispassionate discussion on why marriages fail. Apparently, the danger in marrying your high-school sweetheart is that people grow up, change and then you want to kill them: a lesson for us all. Good thing new roommates House and Wilson waited until after graduation to move in together. Between Wilson's blow-dryer-aided hairstyling and House's eating Wilson's food, it's safe to say these two will drive each other batty. But at least they won't be plotting one another's demise.