Hugh Laurie and Amber Tamblyn Hugh Laurie and Amber Tamblyn

Since Thirteen's departure on House, Princeton-Plainsboro has been a revolving door for the female doctors trying to fill the void. Now the team has found a keeper — and she's not even a doctor.

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Meet hyperintelligent, third-year med student Martha Masters (played by guest star Amber Tamblyn). Despite her age and lack of experience, Cuddy forces House and the team to give Martha a chance, but her morals clash big time with House's style.

"She is incredibly brilliant, but sometimes she can be very socially awkward," says Tamblyn. "She's almost like a younger version of [House], only she believes in the ethics of truth-telling to a fault, just in a same way that he believes in lying to help you find the truth to a fault."

After House [Hugh Laurie] comes to the conclusion that Martha is the, "the love child of Einstein and Mary Poppins," the irritated doc fires Martha a handful of times, but begins to realize her genius can help the team — no matter how by the book she is.

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"Both of them have very distinctive ideas on how to get to the same thing, but you're going see her try to come into the real world for the first time and it's going be pretty intense for her," Tamblyn says.

Martha's character will struggle with integrating from her world of academia and knowledge into a working environment. But that is what Tamblyn says she loves most about her.

"I love the fact she's filled with so many non-sequiturs," Tamblyn says. "And I love how incredibly awkward she is. It just gives the character so much potential to grow."