Question: Please tell us something about House and Cameron!

Answer: I'll do ya one better heh heh, I said "do ya" and add Cuddy to the mix in a way that you may never have imagined (but Friday Night Lights fans probably easily can). To that end, I give you a brief transcript of my red-carpet chat with exec producers Katie Jacobs and David Shore. Helpful hint: It's more fun if you get a couple of friends and read it aloud together.

Me: My readers would kill me if I didn't ask about House and Cameron. And House and Cuddy. What can you give me? Something? Anything?
David Shore: Something's happening between House and Cuddy.
Me: That's something!
David: We haven't given up on House and Cameron, either.
Me: Would you rule out a threesome?
David: Would I, right now?
Me: Not the three of us, no.  
Katie Jacobs: In principle, I don't ever think you could ever rule out a threesome. 
David: Katie has strong views on that.
Katie: Well, this is House
There you have it, folks. Infer what you will. Just remember, the bar had been open since noon.