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Question: No disrespect intended, but you've been really slacking on the House scoop lately.

Answer: That hardly qualifies as disrespectful, Ellen. No, disrespectful is telling me (as Aushole Jason did) that I deserve to be "run over by a New York City bus" for ignoring House these past few weeks. See the difference there? Anywho... I'm jumping back on the House scoopwagon in a big way this week with news that Fox, in collaboration with producer NBC Universal, is quietly developing a House spin-off for next season. As I understand it, producers are introducing a new male character for a multi-episode arc and, assuming the actor they find really pops in the role, he may be spun off into his own show. But there's a twist, and it's a big one: Per multiple sources, this newbie is not a doctor, but rather a private investigator! And no, his name isn't Twitter. I'll have more details as they become available, but for now, head over to the Ask Ausiello Discussion Thread to post your thoughts on a possible House 2.0.