Question: Do you have any scoop on the post-Super Bowl episode of House?

Answer: Yes, but it's a little bit of a bummer. As I first scooped in this week's Ausiello Report vodcast, a planned two-part episode that was going to air after the big game and then continue the following Tuesday was scrapped due to the strike. Instead, a regular eppy guest-starring Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino will take its place. Not to rub salt in the wound or anything, but I am obliged to add that, based on my chat last week with exec producer Katie Jacobs, I suspect the original two-parter would've advanced either the Huddy or Hameron storyline in a big way. Speaking of which, as promised, here's what Ms. Jacobs had to say about how Chase and Cameron might fold back into House's team in '08: "The question is not really when, it's how, insofar as they're now each in their own domain doing really well. But is it bugging Cameron that she's not really in on all of House's business? And how is it for Chase to be head of a department? And when those things become clearer, then I think we'll know what the hospital is going to look like." Meaning that in the end, the new doctors and the old doctors will end up working together, right? Right? "That I can't say for sure," she demurs. "Right now, we're just exploring how Cameron and Chase running different departments either helps or hinders House. And how much they like being away from him and having their own space, or how much they don't like being away from them."