Question: You are hotter than Sawyer, more dangerous (in a good way) than Sayid, skinnier than Hurley, smarter than Jack, and wiser than Locke. Now, if you happen to have any info on Lost, do tell.

Answer: Mr. Matt Mitovich (of "Today's News: Our Take" fame) just interviewed Terry O'Quinn about next week's Locke-centric episode featuring the Big Wheelchair Reveal of '07 and he was gracious enough to forward me a few only-for-AA morsels. "I was afraid that the [wheelchair] revelation might be pretty pedestrian, that it might be a disappointment, but I think it's pretty spectacular," O'Quinn teased. "I don't think people will be disappointed. It stretches that suspension of disbelief, just like so many things on Lost do. But if you're willing to go along with it, it's pretty cool." Mitovich's complete O'Quinn Q&A will appear in the Interviews & Features section next Wednesday.