Question: I hope you had a relaxing and joyous vacation. Now give me some 24 scoop!

Answer: That scary bald-dude/mastermind-of-all-things-evil played by ER's Paul McCrane is returning this season, and we'll meet his wealthy Bel-Air wife and their 15-year-old kid. Also, Fox put out a press release yesterday that pretty much revealed the entire premise for Season 6. Here it is in their words: "Season 5 concluded with a battered and bloodied Bauer captured by Chinese government agents and headed for points unknown. Season 6 picks up 20 months later. Wayne Palmer (DB Woodside), the strong-minded brother of the late president David Palmer, is now himself the president of the United States, while his sister, Sandra Palmer (Regina King), is a determined and powerful advocacy lawyer. After a series of horrific terrorist attacks, Palmer and his team of advisors, Karen Hayes (Jayne Atkinson) and Thomas Lennox (Peter MacNicol) as well as CTU colleagues Chloe O'Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub), Curtis Manning (Roger Cross) and Bill Buchanan (James Morrison) begin an unthinkable, nail-biting day." The spoilerific release also announced that James Cromwell has joined the cast as Jack's estranged father, and Eddie Izzard will play a "villainous accomplice."