Question: I hope you had fun at the Emmys! Anyway, I just read that Zach Braff doesn't want to do Scrubs anymore and that this is his last season. They'll have to stop the show if he leaves, right?   

Answer: Wrong! I cornered series creator Bill Lawrence on the red carpet and asked him point-blank whether Scrubs could go on next season without the Braffster. His answer floored me. "Yeah, I think so," he replied. "We'll have to see how we do this year. If we're doing really well, it'll be hard to stop." OK, but who on god's green earth could replace him? "I think that Zach could walk out the door and a new piece of casting could walk in with a voice-over. Or Zach could walk out the door and Donald Faison could walk in and his voice-over could say, "I don't know what I'm going to do without J.D. around." Donald Faison as the new star of Scrubs!?!? Count me in! Actually, count me and Donald in. Seconds later, I floated the idea by Turk's portrayer and he was game. "We'll see what happens, but that would be nice," he said. "Do I want it to be the last year? Of course not. I like making money, and I have a great time on the show."