With Lost's enveloping two-hour finale last night came the painful goodbye of Dominic Monaghan's Charlie. For me, this character was a big reason I watched our Oceanic survivors argue, forgive, explore and face danger week after week, so when the rock star pressed his palm against the glass window and cracked a small smile for Desmond as the surrounding water provided a silent farewell, I was a little choked up and realized my Lost experience will definitely change come next season. One of my favorite Charlie moments was the episode in which he drafted a list of his best moments, his "greatest hits," and as a nod to Monaghan's brilliant portrayal of a man who's gained quite a different perspective on life, I've come up with my own greatest hits - not of my life, but of moments from shows that were on the top of my playlist this past season.

Brothers & Sisters
When Tommy and Holly threw a party for the opening of their vineyard, Kitty accidentally popped a few painkillers (thinking they were aspirin) and became an obliterated, babbling fool in front of Kevin. By far, Calista Flockhart's finest reach to lay all of Kitty's messiness on the table.

Grey's Anatomy
After Meredith almost drowned and the entire surgical staff dropped what they were doing to spend hours trying to save her, Sandra Oh gave us an unforgettable Cristina-Meredith moment as she talked to her best friend, her "person," so emotionally that we saw the human side of her character - something I love seeing in between the often robotic, sarcastic and cold Cristina scenes.

When Mohinder was trying to take Sylar's spinal fluid, the Bogeyman's escape completely entranced me. The hovering bullet in front of his face was my favorite part, and this is really when Sylar's strengths started combining into all-inclusive magic for me. An IV? An arm restraint? Forget it. Good try, Mohinder.

How I Met Your Mother
There are so many laugh-out-loud moments for me when I'm watching this hysterical half hour, but "The Slap Bet" as a whole was a great episode and hit overall for this show. I can't wait to see where those remaining slaps come out.

It's hard to choose the best moment from this season, so I'll settle for two. When Charlie tries to prevent Hurley from knowing the truth about Desmond's latest vision and tells him he's too big to come on the boat, I was reminded of why I adored Charlie so much when he ran up to Hugo and gave him a giant hug. "Just remember I love you." My other Lost moment was in last night's finale when Jack told Kate he loved her. It was simple, it was quiet, and I had been waiting for it all season.

Those were some of my favorite scenes from my favorite shows this season... My TV Greatest Hits. I'm sad to think that Charlie's list is gone now that Desmond took the dive to The Looking Glass, but Charlie's greatness will never be lost.

Who/what/which show would make your Hits List?