Honey Badger Honey Badger

The Honey Badger doesn't care about anything, but it may get a kick out of this: A comedy series about the fearless, cobra-eating animal is being pitched to networks this month, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Internet meme sensation — which has drawn more than 33 million hits on YouTube and spun off into a Wonderful Pistachios commercial, a book and two iPhone apps — is being turned into a hybrid animation/live-action series title Honey Badger U. The series will feature the video's original narrator Randall as a professor of live sciences at a dysfunctional university.

VIDEO: The Honey Badger gets its own pistachio commercial

Charles Bishop and Kirk Schenck are attached as executive producers, along with Harland Williams, Bradford Bricken, Danny Sherman, Joel Kesselman and Christopher Gordon, who created the original video.

Canadian production company Six Eleven was already developing "a university-based animated comedy following a professor who thinks he knows more than he really does, and his students, who know even less," Schenck said in a statement. "When Randall's Honey Badger videos took off last year garnering tens of millions of avid followers around the world, it seemed natural to merge the two concepts."

Check out the original Honey Badger clip below: [Warning: The video contains profane language.]