Now that Keri Russell and the gang from Felicity are packing it in at the end of the season, critics are hoping those angst-ridden teens on Dawson's Creek will take the hint and call it a day as well. But if the show's stars have it their way — Katie Holmes in particular — Dawson's upcoming 100th episode (airing April 17, 8 pm/ET) will mark the first of many milestones to come.

"As long as we continue telling good stories and keep the level we want to achieve high, I want to do as many [episodes] as possible," Holmes confides to TV Guide Online. (Although the WB has yet to officially rule on Dawson's fate, insiders say the show is a shoo-in for renewal.)

Reflecting on the previous 100 episodes, Holmes admits that she has been through a lot with original cast members James Van Der Beek, Joshua Jackson and Michelle Williams. "We've all experienced this phenomenon that not many people get to," she says. "It's so thrilling to do it with them, to have the highs and the lows and the good days and the horrible days... We fight with each other and we laugh with each other."

"I never went to college before the show, but I don't imagine that in college you get as close as we all have," the 23-year-old actress adds. "These are my buddies."

And as Holmes sees it, spending another 100 episodes making memories with her Creek cronies can only mean one thing: More opportunities for the up-and-coming chanteuse to showcase her vocal stylings. (Joey Potter has been known to break out in song from time to time.) "I like singing," she confesses. "I don't think Joey should go on the road, but I think a little karaoke now and then never hurt anyone."

Watch your back, Britney!